President Zhang Xiaobo and General Manager Wu Runhua visit JXCC

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In late March, President Zhang Xiaobo, General Manager Wu Runhua, Chief Engineer Yao Suping, Deputy General Manager Zhang Xiaojun, GM Assistant / Mine BU Manager Shen Louyan paid a working visit to Jiangxi Copper Corporation (JXCC).

On behalf of JXCC, President Li Baomin, General Manager Long Ziping, Deputy General Manager Wu Yu’neng, Chief Financial Officer Wu Jinxing, Secretary of the Board Huang Dongfeng gave a warm welcome to NERIN’s visit.

At the meeting, Long Ziping introduced the development of JXCC in 2015 and Wu Runhua introduced that of NERIN and the cooperating projects between both as well. Zhang Xiaobo appreciated JXCC for the consistent trust and support and expected sharing advantages of both sides and more substantial cooperation in various fields like specific projects, science and technology and human resources, etc. At the end of the meeting, Li Baomin stated that JXCC and NERIN are partners and one family in the past decades, and wished the cooperation in the future would be more diversified and extensive to achieve win-win for both sides.

The relative department directors of JXCC and NERIN attended the meeting.

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