A Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signed with Zhongding International

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February 3, 2016 - NERIN signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Zhongding International Construction Group Co., Ltd. (“Zhongding International”). President Zhang Xiaobo and Deputy General Manager Liu Xueke of NERIN and President Hu Lijian, Deputy General Manager Han Shijun and GM Assistant Zhao Guisheng of Zhongding International participated in the meeting and the signing ceremony together with heads of relevant departments of both sides. Deputy Director-General Li Wenyao, Director of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation Office Fang Xiangjun and other leaders of the Department of Commerce of Jiangxi Province attended the meeting and witnessed the signing of the Agreement.

Hu Lijian extended a warm welcome to the visit of NERIN and the Department of Commerce and expressed that the joint commitment to “going global” of two well-established enterprises with profound culture would be conducive to their optimization and integration and thus enhance the engineering and construction performance capability.

Zhang Xiaobo thanked the Department of Commerce for their support during the “going global” of NERIN. He applauded Zhongding international for its energetic competitive strength, reform spirit and professional ethics and expressed that such cooperation would be of strategic significance and would help the establishment of a long-standing cooperation and friendship, and effectively promote the mutual development with complementary advantages and shared resources.

Li Wenyao congratulated NERIN and Zhongding International on the signing of the Agreement. He spoke highly of NERIN and Zhongding International for setting a positive example for Jiangxi enterprises that “go global” and presenting a perfect model in combinations among strong enterprises. He expected the cooperation would obtain actual effects, make breakthroughs and achieve substantial results.

According to the Agreement, both enterprises shall have all-round cooperation in market development, customer service, information sharing, personnel training, network support, enterprise promotion and other aspects, and explore and push forward jointly “the Belt and Road” Strategy of China and enhance the ability of “going global” upholding the principles of equality, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.


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