NERIN Get Awarded the Contract of “400kt/a Copper Smelting Base Project of CHINALCO Southeast Copper Industrial Co., Ltd.”

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On January 26, 2016, the bid opening ceremony of the catchy 400kt/a Copper Smelting Base Project of CHINALCO (Aluminum Corporation of China) Southeast Copper Industrial Co., Ltd took place as scheduled in Fuzhou, Fujian province. NERIN shouldered above other famous competitors and won the Bid, presenting a good start of the New Year. The success shows the result of the joint endeavors and elaborate preparations of various departments. The Proposal has obtained the appraisal for its advanced and reasonable process approach, full and accurate capex and professional and effective management measures.

In order to carry out “the Belt and Road” Strategy of China, CHINALCO has proposed to invest with Fujian Province in building a copper smelting base project in Ningde Industrial Zone. The Project will be a combination of the world advanced copper smelting technologies and local equipment. When it is completed, it will be a world-level big copper smelter, providing harmonious results in economy, environment and community.

As the Bid winner, it embodies the advantages of NERIN in brand, technology and human resources, and represents the fortification of NERIN’s superiority in providing technical services in copper smelting, refining and following fields in the world.

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