KYOCERA Precision Tools (Ganzhou) Project Completed and Commissioned

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The completion ceremony of KYOCERA Precision Tools (Ganzhou) Project invested by KYOCERA Precision Tools (Ganzhou) Co., Ltd., a holding company of KYOCERA Corporation, Japan, was held on Jun. 3, 2016. The project is totally designed by NERIN (including interior decoration). The investment is approx. 400 million RMB yuan.

With the design started in Mar. 2015, construction started in Jun. 2015, civil work completed in Dec. 2015, exterior and interior decorations completed in Mar. 2016, test run in May. 2016 and official operation in Jun. 2016, the project has experienced 15 months to complete the design and construction, which hit a record the quickest in building similar projects, and has won high opinions of the Japanese Owner.

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