Kamoya Cu-Co Mine Phase 1 Project Loaded Commissioning Conducted Successfully in D. R. Congo

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D. R. Congo news: Kamoya Copper and Cobalt Mine Phase 1 Project had loaded commissioning successfully on May 4, marking the break-through of the main process flow and the official start of the project for loaded linked commissioning. This is another overall mining project design of NERIN in D. R. Congo.

The project is designed to handle 10kt ores per day in the mine and the concentrator and produce 25kt/a cathode copper and 6kt/a cobalt metal as cobalt hydroxide in full production years. The current phase 1 has an annual mining and processing capacity of 3kt ores.

The successful project commissioning is the joint effort of the Client and various partners despite the unfavorable conditions like shortage of construction materials and severe typhoon encountered in marine transportation, etc. It is the third large complex project including mining, mineral processing and metallurgy completed by NERIN in D. R. Congo following Shituru Copper Mine and SICOMINES Copper & Cobalt Mine, symbolizing a solid step of NERIN in marketing D. R. Congo and middle Africa.

Loaded commissioning at site

Even feeding of crushed ores on belt conveyor

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