Wu Runhua the General Manager of Nerin met Mr.Baldo Prokurica the Minister of Minning of Chile

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On April. 16 ( Chilean time ) in Santiago of Chile, Wu Runhua the general manager of China Nerin paid the official visit to Mr. Baldo Prokurica the minister of Mining of Chile. In the meeting both sides made discussion on the topics of common concerns and has reached broad consensus.

Mr. Baldo Prokurica firstly delivered warm welcome to the visit of Nerin group. Then he explained the current status and challenges of mining industry in Chile to the visitors before looking forward to the future in which the excellent Chinese companies like Nerin would involve as he hoped and was glad to see. 

General manager Wu introduced the technical expertise and project experiences of Nerin to the minister and expressed the willingness of Nerin in involving the sustainable development and environmental promotion of Chile with its remarkable experience and expertise in mineral and metallurgical industry. This subsequently led to the discussion on the cooperation of new technologies in copper metallurgy. The meeting has intensified the expectation of both sides on the possible cooperation.

Nerin group included Tang Zunqiu the chief engineer, Liu Tong the manager of market department, Xia Wei the manager of South America Division and other engineers.

Nerin group and Mr. Baldo Prokurica in meeting

Nerin group and Mr. Baldo Prokurica pose for picture



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